IndyFringe: The Princess Strikes Back

This is part of IndyFringe 2022, Aug. 18-Sept. 4 (individual performance times vary) in downtown Indianapolis. Details and tickets at

By Wendy Carson

Victoria Montalbano had an awkward childhood, growing up as a theater nerd with very little romantic experience. Suddenly her life is changed forever when the “Star Wars Trilogy” is rereleased and plays in her local theater. Since there is only one woman in the entire movie, she naturally identifies herself as Princess Leia and falls madly for the “scruffy nerf-herder” of a rogue, Han Solo.

After college she moves to Chicago to become the next Tina Fey. Her exceptional improv skills aside, few acting opportunities provide themselves for her. Still, she remains ever hopeful that her leading man will find her, and she will eventually star in the story of her dreams.

As one might conclude from the show’s full title, “The Princess Strikes Back: One Woman’s Search for the Space Cowboy of her Dreams,” her co-star has yet to be cast. Still, the tales she tells of her personal and professional ups and downs are delightful to hear. Besides, if you don’t attend, you won’t learn the correlation between virginity and pumpkin pie.

The Force compels you to attend 7:15 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 25 and/or noon Saturday, Aug. 27, at the District Theatre.


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