About us

John Belden and Wendy Carson have been seen all over the central Indiana theatre scene for over a decade. For more than 200 plays, musicals, cabarets and other performances, they acted like superfans and wrote critiques and praises of the various shows for the Greenfield Daily Reporter, EastOfIndy (dotcom, now gone) and their Facebook and Twitter feeds. Now that they are independent, they set up this place to help spread the word about the good things happening on stages in and around Indianapolis.

Meanwhile, John and Wendy are also big fans of games — board games, party games, card games, and even those geeky role-playing and miniatures battle games. So, here we also wax poetic on our favorite pastime, as well as places to play, like GenCon and local conventions.

Text on this site is copyright 2015, John Lyle Belden and Wendy C. Carson. Photos and illustrations are mostly by other parties, as noted.


John Lyle Belden

Twitter: @indybeldar. Born in Arkansas numerous years ago, John moved to Indy with Wendy in 2001. He’s not an actor, but has been on a few stages: growing up playing piano, a season with the Arkansas 4-H Performing Arts Troupe, a couple of semesters in the University of Arkansas concert choir and a chorus role in “HMS Pinafore,” some Vampire Live-Action Role Play, a couple of skits at InConJunction, then more recently a role in a Play-A-Part fundraiser at Buck Creek Players and as a disembodied voice (playing a theatre critic, of course) at Oaklandon Civic Theatre. He’d like to thank Indy’s thespians for not sucking.

Wendy C. Carson

Twitter: @PenGwenity. A mysterious woman, she’ll write a clever bio here eventually.

“Doug & Carlotta”

You may notice that’s the username that updates the site. Turns out WordPress already has a “John and Wendy” (probably in Neverland) so we chose the next best thing. It’s a pair of aliases we’ve used a couple of times — short answer is, when you see dougandcarlotta, its us! Long answer is: Watch the blog for the whole sordid story.


Email us at playswithjohnandwendy@gmail.com


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