IndyFringe 2022

Here is the list of our reviews for the 2022 IndyFringe, the Indianapolis Theatre Fringe Festival, Aug. 18-Sept. 4, at six venues — two each at the IndyFringe building on St. Clair; District Theatre on Mass. Ave.; and the Athenaeum, where Massachusetts Ave. meets New Jersey and Michigan streets.

John and Wendy like to “Iron Fringe,” seeing as many of the numerous shows as possible, taking up nearly every time slot, likely the most comprehensive coverage in local media. While seeing every act may not be possible, we did not purposely avoid seeing anyone. Ones we have seen before got lower priority, and past reviews can be found elsewhere on the site.

(This list will grow throughout the festival, with links added as reviews are posted)

90 Lies an Hour — Paul Strickland

A Magic Show with Jordan Rooks — Jordan Rooks

Amaze & Amuse — Trino

A Social Media Experience — Ballet INitiative

The Ballad of Blade Stallion — Defiance Comedy

The Barn Identity — Erika MacDonald

Beyond Ballet — Indianapolis Ballet

Bigfoot Saves America — Cryptid Entertainment

Breakneck Comedy of Errors — Tim Mooney Repertory Company

Dadbod — Brad Hinshaw

Doghouse Moon — Matt McDonald

Exes and Embryos — Mandee McKelvey

Experi-Mental — Steven Nicholas

Fire in the Meth Lab — Jon Bennett

Fly Blackbird Fly / Voices We Can’t Unhear — Dunique and OnyxFest

Fret Knot — Madeline Wilson and Lizzie Kaneicki

Glad Libs with Your Hostess: Jan Shirley Ann — Janai Downs

Gloria Mundi — Nomad Theater Company

Gray Pride — Norman Lasiter

Hope: A Theatrical Dance — Gerry Shannon

How Do You Read Me? — Howard Lieberman and Loren Niemi (2 Lorens Productions)

IndyProv Presents: Our Favorite Fringe Artists — IndyProv

In The Company of Women — Crossroads Dance Indy

I Think We Are Supposed to Be ‘Coming of Age’ By Now — LCcreations

Jewel Box Revue 2022 — Klein & Alvarez’ Magic Thread Cabaret

Leland Loves Bigfoot — Stewart Huff

Love OverDose — React

meSSeS — Janoah Bailin

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane — Carmel High School

Mr. Yunioshi — J. Elijah Cho (review from January 2022 appearance)

My Grandmother’s Eyepatch — Julia VanderVeen

Oh Look, It’s Magic! — Jordan Allen

Panel Show — Mark Cashwell

Peter / Wendy — Indiana Drama Club

Play by Play — Tiny Little Plays by Mark Harvey Levine

The Princess Strikes Back — Victoria Montalbano

QAnon: The Musical — Un5gettable

The Real Black Swan — Les Kurkendaal-Barrett

The Reluctant Mind Reader — Brendon Ware

Ron Popp is a Responsible Adult — Ron Popp

Sadec 1965: A Love Story — Flora Le

Scars — Lissa Sears

The Session — Taylor Martin’s Indy Magic

Ship of Dreams — Party Island

ShMILF Life — Penny Sterling

Sing Down the Moon: Appalachian Wonder Tales — Agape Children’s Theatre

Spontaneous Tales of Science-Fiction — Stroopwafel Improv

Sweet Dreams, Pillowman — American Lives Theatre

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind — UIndy Theatre Company

Tortillo 3: Sombrero’s Revenge — Catalyst Repertory

Trapped! — Curtis Drake Shepard and Jacqueline Johnson-Wilkinson

Type Cast — Steve Freeto

When Jesus Divorced Me — Laura Irene Young (Magic Feather Productions)

Women’s Work — Betty Rage Productions


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