That other kind of “play” we talk about

This site has always been a two-headed beast, but the Theatre head has been doing most of the talking. So, this week the Game side speaks up, with GenCon in Indy this weekend. Watch this site and our Facebook feed for on-the-spot reviews, like this one we made at InConJunction, the local fan-run convention in early July:

IndyFringe: The Circus of Joy

By John Lyle Belden

Here’s how the show opens (note adult language)

From there things get even sillier and more bizarre.

Jason Adams (of “…is a Goddamn Mind Reader” and “Face Your Fears” fame) is Bongo the Blockhead, and with bearded lady Erin Grievances they perform comic feats that include so-fake-they’re-funny bits along with omigod-I-can’t-watch actual stunts. Yes, the concrete block and bed of nails are real.

Having a rowdy bunch of friends in the audience helped with the atmosphere and did lead to the tongue-in-cheek hashtag of #jasonadamsisdead. But actually, everyone is more likely to die laughing, provided your sense of humor embraces the silly and a tad crude.

And you saw correctly, Erin does distribute a few cocktails to lucky audience members. A few may also be brought onto the stage — but don’t worry, all volunteers survived (at least the show I saw).

Remaining performances of The Circus of Joy are Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening, Aug. 27-28. Info and tickets at