Supporting Local Theatre

With all the distractions and entertainment available, there are too many reasons not to see live theatre. We give you the reasons why you should.

We’ve been doing this site for four years now (of 17 years covering the stage scene in various media) and we know you might (1) miss having actual paper in your hand, or (2) would like a quick take on what’s playing. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Just click on the “Theatre Bulletin” tab above and download our black-and-white easy-to-print page with current shows, capsule reviews and whatever else we can find room for.

Like it? Help us spread the “news” by sharing, printing or copying. We don’t have a printing press, and there’s less waste this way. Watch for loose copies during the Fringe Festival. Hopefully, we’ll keep this going long afterward on a weekly basis. 

See below (scroll down) for the most recent stage reviews.



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