IndyFringe: The Session

This is part of IndyFringe 2022, Aug. 18-Sept. 4 (individual performance times vary) in downtown Indianapolis. Details and tickets at

By John Lyle Belden

Taylor Martin has been involved in every year of IndyFringe, and he keeps up this streak with “Taylor Martin’s Indy Magic presents: THE SESSION.”

The concept is, as he puts it, “four magicians walk into a bar…” Basically, at the District Theatre cabaret stage, it’s like we’re looking in on a corner table of some establishment where the magicians relax while Taylor brings in bags of random objects in CVS bags, which they start to play with, including the famous yard-long drug store receipt. As they can’t help themselves, they also ask anyone else in the room to help with some of the tricks.

Because one of the scheduled performers, “mind reader” Brendon Ware, took off for sunny Spain for a job opportunity (seriously!), there were just three magicians when I attended: Martin, Mastermind Jim Keplinger, and The Amazing Barry. At today’s performance (as we post this), he is joined by Fringe favorite Cody Clark to round out the foursome.

The more laid-back concept allows for a playful approach to magic, including how loose paper and cups can make a quick and easy routine that not only impresses your employer, but also your future wife. Barry gives a famous example of “don’t try this at home,” and Keplinger does a couple of mentalist tricks that Taylor told me later even has him astounded.

If this performance comes to your event, don’t be shy about joining on the fun when asked. (A 10-ish year-old boy from my audience nearly stole the show.) And no matter how many times you’ve seen Taylor manipulate soft foam balls right before your eyes, you’ll still find yourself losing track to everyone’s amusement, including your own.

A little storytelling, a little dazzle, and a few ruined playing cards mark “The Session” which wrapped its IndyFringe run today, but will no doubt convene again. Follow for information.

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