Fringe review: Camp Summer Camp

By John Lyle Belden

Taking on “camp” in more than one sense of the word, Defiance Comedy gathers some wildly-talented local actors and distills memories and movies of summer camps with their horny counselors and creepy killers into “Camp Summer Camp” at Musician’s Union Hall.

It’s summer 1984 at the titular Canadian camp, and the counselors gather: One is determined to “become a man,” but the object of his desire has dedicated her body to Jesus; meanwhile another girl wants to throw herself at him, if she can find her glasses to see whom she is throwing herself at. Another guy isn’t taking it well that he’s not senior counselor, and the new guy from the States is eager to show off his falconry skills. Keeping this all together are the very, very close siblings who run the place, promising a lot fewer fatalities this year.

The antics that ensue are nonstop funny, clobbering cliches and trampling tropes all the way – even adding goofy touches like shouting “Ow! Ow!” when someone resets the cardboard prop “campfire” upright. And, there’s the fun sing-along of the “Camp Summer Camp Summer Camp Song.” You’d best sign up in advance for remaining camp sessions, as a lot of people are dying to get in (or was that get out? Hmm…).

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