Fringe review: The Sibling Staircase

By John Lyle Belden

If you are the youngest of multiple siblings, perhaps the others feel they have boosted your spoiled self up from their positions in the family, but from your perspective, you might see yourself like storyteller Sally Perkins, at the very bottom of “The Sibling Staircase.”

In her talk at the IndyFringe Indy Eleven Theatre, Perkins, the youngest of three sisters, explains how she saw her eldest, Judy, as a perfect goddess, and the middle sister, Nancy, as a smart and entertaining knight – with herself as “Sally the Squire,” following in her footsteps. She takes comfort in the fact that in fairy tales, the youngest of three is often the hero, even when she doesn’t feel heroic herself. And she relates how her sisters helped her find her own talent, as when Nancy’s Sunday school tutoring helped spark Sally’s talent for storytelling.

But is she ready to step up on her own with a prestigious scholarship on the line?

Perkins charms as she relates these stories and more, in an entertaining performance for all ages and all positions within the family stairwell – even if you’re an “only” child.

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