Fringe review: Orange is the New Black Keys

By Wendy Carson

From the group that brought you last year’s “Shame of Thrones,” this year’s offering, “Orange is the New Black Keys” by host ComedySportz Indianapolis, is a zany send-up of a certain Netflix sensation.

However, since the actors are taking their cues from and utilizing lines provided by the audience, this show is exactly as funny as you make it. If you’re planning on going, start thinking up outrageous things for them to say. Some of the highlights from my show were, “Kiss me like I’m Greg Brady and you’re Florence Henderson,” and a soulful ballad about Jon Benet Ramsey. Also, it would seem that at least one of the cast has no idea of how to perform an Irish accent, much to the delight of everyone in attendance.

Whether you are a fan of the parodied series or not, the show will have you laughing hysterically the entire time. The show is a welcome respite from some of the darker offerings available and highly recommended as a “palate cleanser” to keep you going throughout the week.

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