Fringe review: “Mom?”

By John Lyle Belden

Before you turn up your non-ruby nose at this “clown show,” do consider that missing this could mean passing up one of the funniest, most entertaining offerings of IndyFringe.

“’Mom?’ A Comedy of Mourners” is presented by Box of Clowns, which is more than a clever name for this trio. As the show opens we are presented with a small table of a stage and a trunk that turns out to contain, within its bottomless void, our three clown siblings. Victoria is kinda smart; Frank is kinda brave; and Mango is… well… unique.

They arrive to honor their deceased mother and scatter her ashes. This may seem a bit morbid for a comedy, but laughter is the perfect medicine for this occasion, and these characters deliver abundantly. Their acrobatic antics have them never leave the platform upon which they stand – except to disappear into and pop out of the box from time to time. Yet with these confines, they even manage a chase scene.

This hilarious hour is definitely a must-see. I’m sure Mom would have approved.

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