IndyFringe: The Circus of Joy

By John Lyle Belden

Here’s how the show opens (note adult language)

From there things get even sillier and more bizarre.

Jason Adams (of “…is a Goddamn Mind Reader” and “Face Your Fears” fame) is Bongo the Blockhead, and with bearded lady Erin Grievances they perform comic feats that include so-fake-they’re-funny bits along with omigod-I-can’t-watch actual stunts. Yes, the concrete block and bed of nails are real.

Having a rowdy bunch of friends in the audience helped with the atmosphere and did lead to the tongue-in-cheek hashtag of #jasonadamsisdead. But actually, everyone is more likely to die laughing, provided your sense of humor embraces the silly and a tad crude.

And you saw correctly, Erin does distribute a few cocktails to lucky audience members. A few may also be brought onto the stage — but don’t worry, all volunteers survived (at least the show I saw).

Remaining performances of The Circus of Joy are Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening, Aug. 27-28. Info and tickets at

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