Fringe review: The Best of Indy Magic Monthly

By John Lyle Belden and Wendy Carson

For those who have never seen one of the enjoyable offerings that comprise the Indy Magic Monthly shows, “The Best of Indy Magic Monthly” on Theatre on the Square’s second stage will offer you a taste of what you are missing and should make you a regular patron in the future.

IndyFringe regular and IMM founder and host Taylor Martin presents a different lineup of magicians from near and far each show, including illusionists who have toured internationally, played Vegas and The Magic Castle, and appeared on television shows such as “Penn & Teller’s ‘Fool Us.’”

Martin emcees as one of his magical personae, then four other magicians dazzle us with tricks including elaborate props, mentalism and close-up magic. Monday’s show included comedy (making a Triscuit “disappear”) and the exotic (a Hong Kong magician who employed Chinese masks as well as marvelous tricks). But don’t expect to see that lineup again – the remaining performances promise acts just as good, but unique to that particular hour.

There are a lot of laughs and wonder for everyone in the family. Even if you think you know how the tricks are done, seeing them played out in the eyes of a child will make it all seem new and wondrous again. And the variety not only keeps the show fresh, but will make you want to see more than one of them to have a better experience.

For those who can’t make it to this during the Fringe, Indy Magic Monthly showcases some of the best performers locally and around the world the first Tuesday of each month at Theatre on the Square.

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