Fringe review: The Eulogy

By Wendy Carson

Warning: Do not drink anything during this show, as you will likely spit it out on your fellow patrons from laughing hysterically. Also, make sure you visit the restroom before the performance as you may need to avail yourself of it during the show, and the “no re-admittance” policy will break your heart.

In “The Eulogy,” at the Musicians Union, IndyFringe newcomer Michael Burgos deftly spins from one character to the next as they all give their personal eulogies at the less-than-somber occasion of the funeral of “Thomas.”

It would appear that the deceased was not only a glutton (he ate 14 friend eggs every morning) but a thoroughly despicable human being that no one is sorry to see go.

The audience becomes the various mourners at the funeral, including his lovely wife whom at least one of the eulogizers has apparently been in love with from afar. This leads to a turn of events that are straight out of a cartoon (I was honestly surprised that I was not actually watching Bugs Bunny carrying out this revenge on Elmer Fudd).

Funny is too weak a word to describe this show. In fact, there are no words to tell you how wonderful it is. I do warn you that it is entirely possible you could hurt yourself laughing at this, but your pain would be worth every second of delight you experience. This show is one that you do not want to later regret that you missed out on.

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