Fringe review: Drosselmeyer’s Magical Bedtime Story

By Wendy Carson

One never knows what to expect when No Exit brings a show to the Fringe, except that it will be entertaining, to say the least. And this offering, “Drosselmeyer’s Magical Bedtime Story,” playing at the Marrott Center, does not fail to follow through on that promise.

Anyone who has seen the company’s amazing production of “The Nutcracker” will be familiar with the titular character, based on the magical toymaker in the holiday story. However, for those of you who have sadly missed the experience, suffice it to say that the word “character” cannot even begin to describe him.

His gypsy troupe enters the stage area and begins their bizarre performance in a manner reminiscent of the animal parade from “The Lion King.” Once he introduces himself and his somewhat simple-minded assistant, Sparkle, we all discover that she is now with child. Drosselmeyer has concerns about her parenting abilities, and enlists the help of various audience members to instruct her on parenting basics with the help of his new dancing troupe, The Mosquito Ladies. Needless to say, hilarity ensues.

This show is delightfully irreverent and managed to surpass my already high expectations of its content. A definite must-see for those looking for the lighter side of edgy and unique theatre.

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