Fringe review: The Invisible Man

By Wendy Carson

The Homeless. We see them on the streets, but we disregard them as “bums” and ignore them as if they are invisible.

But do we ever stop to think how they came to this place? Are they disgusted by where they have ended up? Have we all forgotten compassion and can’t realize that these are people the same as you and me?

These questions are highlighted in “The Invisible Man” by What’s in a Name? Company from the island nation of Mauritius, playing at the Firefighters Union Hall.

This is the dramatic story of one man’s journey from a successful businessman to living on the street, begging for a few coins and eating out of a dumpster. The deft telling of his proud, sad, haunted, but hopeful plight is artfully crafted and beautifully conveyed without ever being heavy-handed or judgmental – which makes it all the more tender and bittersweet. Remember: No one chooses this as a career goal, and we all have the potential of being there, too.

This is a great show that, like many other shows in the Firefighters Hall, deserves a bigger audience. Please seek out this venue and support the shows performing here. They are truly worth your time.

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