Fringe review: Captain Ambivalent

By Wendy Carson

If “Weird” Al Yankovic were more of a storyteller than just a comedy musician, this is the show that he would write. Instead, that duty falls to Captain Ambivalent in the “Not So Secret Origin of Captain Ambivalent,” playing at the Marrott Center.

The story of this legendary character is highlighted by some amazingly funny songs, wild costumes and wonderfully cheesy props. One of my favorite offerings was inspired by his 10-year old niece: “Let’s Bury Barbie in the Back Yard.”

The show is a sheer delight and very family-friendly. However, when I went, the parents were much more entertained by it all than their children.

Make sure you bring your camera for the photo-op at the end of the show, as well as some extra cash to purchase one or both of his CDs. You will surely want to share the songs with your friends.

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