Fringe review: A Little Business at the BIG TOP

By Wendy Carson

What can one say to describe the sheer genius of David Gaines? He manages to convey rich stories and delightful characters without uttering a word. His use of sound and mime create more elaborate drama and comedy than you would believe possible.

That talent is on brilliant display in “A Little Business at the BIG TOP,” playing on the Theatre on the Square main stage, in which he plays all the characters at a circus.

If you saw the amazing whirlwind that was his past show, “7(x1) Samurai,” or even are new to his talents, do not miss this opportunity. It truly is a delight for all ages. The two young children sitting near me at Saturday’s performance were entirely rapt by the whole thing (and they had been hesitant to see it when they found out it was a mime show).

Again, see this amazing show! You might regret missing out on the experience.

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