Fringe review: Tipped & Tipsy

By Wendy Carson

In “Tipped & Tipsy,” Jill Vice puts on a whirlwind one-woman performance in the story of Candy, the bartender at Happy’s Bar, and her regular customers.

Among the patrons we meet Pat, the homeless, alcoholic ex-boxer; Ace, the muscle-headed, tough guy who has a crush on her; and Rico, the disco ladies-man, who is also “The owner of this place.”

She shifts from one person to another with such ease you almost forget that she is alone onstage inhabiting these characters. Everyone’s stories are woven together into a rich tapestry portraying the family dynamic that comes from people habitually sharing the same space.

Like a shot of tequila, the results are more bitter than sweet, but the brutal honesty of these lives and their reasons for seeking out alcohol to help numb them to their failures is a revelation to behold.

The show is certain to be a buzz-worthy crowdpleaser. However, while the intimate venue of Theatre on the Square’s second stage highlights the story perfectly, once the word gets out, you might not be able to get a table, so reserve your seats quickly.

Oh, and don’t forget to always TIP YOUR BARTENDER.

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