Fringe review: Not My Baby!

By Wendy Carson

In “Not My Baby!” by Dreadmelon Productions at the IndyFringe Basile Theatre, A man is on death row for killing a police officer. He and his family are doing everything they can to get his sentence overturned. The twist: The police officer in question was a K-9 who looked like just another dog and was attacking the man’s sister. The simplest solution would be for his sentence to be commuted to life with no parole, but since the Governor is eyeing a run for the Presidency, his “Hard on Crime” platform prevents him from showing any compassion to this man’s plight. While the helplessness of all involved overweighs the plot, the family dynamic is what this show is really about.

G-maw adds some much needed comic relief as the matriarch of the clan. However, the true standout of the bunch is little Adeesa. With her Jester’s hat of a hairstyle and idiot-savant shifts from utter nonsense to brilliant clarity, she provides insight on the true path of salvation for all the characters in this comic drama.

While it’s true that the specter of death and tragedy hangs solidly over everyone, the overall love and hope displayed by this troubled group makes the whole story resonate with everyone. Despite the dour subject matter, there is a good amount of comic relief to prevent the audience from being overwhelmed.

While I will admit that this show had not been one of my first choices to see at the Fringe this year, I am grateful to no end that it made it onto my schedule. I look forward to seeing more productions from this group and expect them all to be gracing more of our community stages in the future.

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