Fringe review: Hannibal: “LIAR!”

By Wendy Carson

“Hannibal: ‘LIAR!’” at the IndyFringe Indy Eleven Theatre was the most “grown-up” magic show of the Fringe, so the fact that there were some younger children in attendance causing him to partially censor himself actually made it much funnier, in my opinion.

His tricks are presented as a story of his childhood and the delight that he experienced whenever his grandfather would entertain him with even the simplest of illusions. While there are a few points in which the audience participates, the amazement delivered is abundant. Especially when one of the other Fringe performers reacted to some impressive card predictions with, “He’s the Devil!”

If you get a chance to see Chris Hannibal, AKA #CardMonkey, do. It’s a charming hour of fun and tricks that will make you glad that you came.

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