Fringe Review: Fruit Flies Like a Banana

By Wendy Carson

Whether you are familiar with or new to the antics of The Fourth Wall, you would be delighted with the trio’s latest foray into speedy musical education, “Fruit Flies Like a Banana: Alphabetical Disorder,” which played at Theatre on the Square.

This year they attempt to make it through the alphabet with the help of random letters thrown at them from the audience. Each letter corresponds with a comedy-music bit, which the performers – being virtuoso musicians as well as masters of physical comedy – perform. With the ever-present countdown clock looming over them, they effortlessly move from piece to piece almost instantaneously.

Not only are the numbers cleverly arranged and choreographed, each one is curated to educate the listener on the history of not only the composer, style and instruments used but how and why they have chosen the material.

Their antics are a joy to behold and they make music education into a game that can be enjoyed by old and young alike.


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