Fringe review: Cabaret of Puppetry

By Wendy Carson

I must admit that while I do enjoy puppetry, I was unsure of how this was going to work. While the Peewinkle Puppet Studio performances I have seen in the past were entertaining, I couldn’t imagine them satisfying a Fringe audience.

However, “Cabaret of Puppetry,” playing at Firefighter’s Union Hall, is not your typical children’s puppet show. It serves as more of an overview of the history of puppetry and the various presentations are a delight to behold for young and old alike. The puppeteers’ showmanship and skill in setting the mood make you forget that they are even present after a while.

The characters run the gamut from a simple sock puppet to very delicately advanced full-body puppets. Still, the main emphasis is in marionettes. With unexpected effects and vibrant characters this simple little puppet show will have you laughing and talking about its charm for weeks to come.

So, re-embrace your inner (or outer) child and come see the best puppet show the fringe festival has to offer.

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