Fringe review: Breakneck Hamlet

By Wendy Carson

Tim Mooney has become synonymous with the Shakespearean soliloquy and for good reason. He has memorized so many of them and can spout them off the top of his head so quickly it can make your head spin.

In “Breakneck Hamlet,” playing at the Musician’s Union Hall, he deftly breezes through the bog than can be four-plus hours of the Bard’s best, giving us a rollicking version of the classic tragedy of “Hamlet” in just under an hour.

While he does gloss over a lot of the often tedious plot, all of the great speeches therein are saved and presented with such passion and skill that you will wonder why this is not the standard presentation of the show. In fact, if all of Shakespeare’s works were taught like this in schools, I feel that students would find it much more identifiable and embrace the works delightedly.

Whether you enjoy the play or not, you must do your best to see this craftsman’s work and behold his genius. It will have you reevaluating your feelings towards this great catalog of words and hoping that Mooney will return to enthrall us with more works like this.

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