Fringe review: Top Shelf

By Wendy Carson

If you like the Comedy Central show, “Broad City,” or popular female comedians like Amy Schumer, then “Top Shelf: Our Last American Tour Again” (by Indy-based Betty Rage employing British accents) at ComedySportz is the show for you. It can best be described as resembling a punk rock tribute to the hard-drinking, zany characters of “Absolutely Fabulous.”

The band is playing a rocking concert and constantly berating their poor roadie, Cooter. Their characters are fun and typical of what you’d expect. However, their songs are not only hilariously funny, but rather catchy. You will likely find yourself humming bits of them later on in the day.

In fact, my biggest criticism is that they had not recorded a CD of the songs as I would really have liked to have purchased it not only enjoy again and again, but also to introduce others to the fun they missed.

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