Fringe review: The Shout

By Wendy Carson

In “The Shout,” presented by In the Mix at the Marrott Center, two female activists are all who remain of a major protest. They have committed to stay, and shout every 15 minutes at the house of a cop who shot an unarmed young man, but are beginning to wonder if their efforts are still worth anything.

Meanwhile, a rookie officer has been watching them for them past few weeks to ensure they are operating within the law. Since he is considered by his law enforcement to be “too nice,” he has been told that if he can’t get rid of them and stop their protesting that he will be fired.

Both sides here are trying to do what they believe in and it seems that one of the women has developed feelings for him, while he is more interested in the other one.

However, when one protester finds out that he might just be acting nice to prevent them from following through, she pulls out all of the stops. What happens next shows everyone for who they truly are within themselves.

The show is a movingly insightful glance into the base nature of each person, and what they are willing to do for their beliefs.

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