IndyFringe: Bad Brother: Religion and Politics in ‘69

By Wendy Carson

With all of the current political discord in our country, there can be no better time to look back to the events of the late sixties and early seventies to see what can be learned from the successes and failures of those early radicals to change history.

Enter Loren Niemi, a former novitiate of the Christian Brothers, liberal thinker, political idealist and fighter on the front lines of history. He presents the tales of his life trying to balance his religious beliefs with his radical agendas and the fallout from those struggles.

These are stories of history that you won’t learn in school, yet are vital to be aware of, lest the social changes made are lost. Being such an engaging storyteller, Niemi not only holds your attention, he submerges you totally in the narrative.

So whether you lived through these times, were too young to have been aware of them, or are hoping to learn a thing or two, make sure you come out and follow Niemi down his patch to a sort of salvation.

Performances are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 26-28, at the Phoenix underground stage. Info and tickets at