IndyFringe: ‘Showerhead’

By Wendy Carson

As anyone who has read the Fringe guide blurb knows, this show is certainly not for everyone. Therefore, feel yourself warned and stay away if you are unable to handle the subject matter covered there. For more adventurous theatergoers, feel free to witness this spectacle.

The show is broken down into two distinct parts. The initial portion consists of cast members doing everything they can to try to offend the audience. Both sacrilegious and amusing, it seems to be an extended time-wasting experiment. However, once the actual storyline of the show commences, things start taking off.

We begin with the perfect 50’s TV couple, a fervently religious, subservient housewife and a pleasant but demanding husband. When she discovers the seedy life he is living on the side, she is thrown into a world of crime, drugs and mayhem.

There are many hilarious tropes throughout her metamorphosis as well as a lot of stilted dialogue. Yet, I found the actual story of her journey to be quite engaging and uplifting.

I hope that after the festival, Formerly Fuckboy productions (yes, that’s the name) will take some time to polish up the script because at its core, it is a fine idea that could be crafted into something really worthwhile.

Showerhead” plays 1:30 p.m. Saturday and 4:30 p.m. Sunday (Aug. 26-27) at the IndyFringe Theatre

Festival info at

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