IndyFringe: A Darkly Humorous Evening with Stephen Vincent Giles

By Wendy Carson

I know we’ve all heard “The Raven,” and it’s hard to imagine anyone in Indiana not being familiar with “Little Orphant Annie” or the poems of Edward Gorey. However, most people have never really seen them fully enacted in the masterful was that Stephen Vincent Giles presents.

He skillfully interprets these works as well as many others, into a night of slightly spooky fun. Much like the ghost tales spun around a campfire, Giles keeps the lighting low and lulls you into a sense of wonderful whimsy just before shocking you with a scare. Utilizing minimal costumes and props he cleverly portrays the tellers of many of these tales in a wonderfully enigmatic light.

While none of the material presented is inappropriate for children, younger or more sensitive souls might be wary. Still, if aren’t afraid of the dark, have someone’s hand to hold when you get nervous, and like your humor on the darker side, this show is definitely for you.

Last performance is 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 27, at the Phoenix underground. Info and tickets at

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