IndyFringe: Calder the Musical

By Wendy Carson

This little show seems to be the early contender for biggest audience (move over, DK!). It’s a touching look into the life of a man who’s name most of us have never heard, but whose artistic output we are all familiar with.

Alexander “Sandy” Calder was a typical artist – a sensitive and misunderstood little boy, a wayward, searching young man and a misunderstood genius who is responsible for giving the world the mobile. Narrated by Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, we are taken to various times in the artist’s life that shaped his creations and legacy.

One thing to note, this script is being workshopped here in the hopes of being developed into a full-length show. However, what is presented does whet the appetite for more. The circus scene alone is amazing.

The production also presents possibly the largest cast and crew of any of this year’s offerings. I am bringing up this point because the caliber of talent involved so impressively high, I am unable pick out a single member of the team to focus on.

Just know that if you want to be able to experience this magic for yourself, you should go now and buy your tickets online at Every single performance so far has been a sell-out and that momentum does not look to subside. One performance remains: 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 27, on the Theatre on the Square main stage.

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