IndyFringe: What’s a Wedding Got to do With It

By Wendy Carson

This is the journey of a man — one who abhors the very idea of the institution of marriage and all it stands for — taking the plunge and actually getting married. The story is told  by Jeremy Schaefer in four parts, each of which illustrate the various rituals and ornamentations society demands be included in order for the ceremony to occur.

From the history of the engagement ring, the music choices for the reception, the guest lists, locations, scheduling and every detail in between; it’s a pretty overwhelming feat that anyone does this at all. Still, when the right person enters the picture and the legal ramifications of the bond hit close to home, he finds himself struggling to make sure that everything is perfect for her.

For a sweetly touching look at love, marriage and all of the traditions surrounding it, this show is a delight. Besides, where else are you going to get the opportunity to see someone wearing a wooden bow tie?

Performances are at ComedySportz Aug. 24, 27 and 28. Info and tickets at

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