IndyFringe: Victory for the Recycled Virgin

By Wendy Carson

What seems at first to be just a funny little story about how a seventy-nine-year-old woman is still full of life and vitality, takes several surprisingly dark turns in order to fully hammer that point across.

Houston Robertson’s tale of just exactly how far she’s come and the hurdles she’s faced throughout her 79 years is vivid, touching and raw. She’s that Grandma you see on the back of a Harley cruising down the highway with her much younger boy-toy in tow, and she’s bringing us all along for the ride.

Coming from an era in which women were considered more of a decoration than an equal, her journey is far more impressive. She fights to further her education and find personal meaning despite her husband constantly uprooting her and foiling her plans. She even takes their inevitable divorce and the surprising situations surrounding it in her own stride.

You’ll laugh at her various turns through the dating scene: personal ads; one-night stands; vacation gigalos; etc. While you are aware that she will eventually “get her groove back”, the challenges she faced in doing so just serve to remind us all that we should be proud of the lengths that feminist trailblazers went to in order for us to have all of the opportunities we do today.

This show is sad, sweet, silly, crude, outrageous, and very compelling. It’s a testament to exactly what’s meant by “You’ve come a long way, Baby.”

Performances at the Indy Eleven Theatre on Aug. 22, 26 and 27. For info and tickets, see

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