Fringe review: Home Grown Original

By John Lyle Belden

Let us simplify your expectations. Ironically, “Home Grown Originals,” at the IndyFringe Basile Theatre, stretches the concept of a “Fringe show” by not being edgy or avant garde or having some odd agenda. It’s straightforward: a group of eight friends playing some really good Hoosier-made music.

Alex “Tunesmith” Murphy recently wrote a bunch of songs, then recorded them with his ensemble, the Band O’Leers. Now he presents these rockabilly-country-blues tunes on the IndyFringe Basile stage, featuring vocals by Murphy, Tim Spradlin and Lori Ecker.

It’s an entertaining crowd-pleasing set, featuring oughta-be-hits like “Kiss Me Like You Mean it,” “Future Ex-Wife” (feel free to sing along on the chorus) and “You’re only Human if you Try.” If guitars and a corny joke or two are your bag, head on over and give them a listen.

The CD of the songs is also available, featuring vocals by local legend Karen Irwin.

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