Fringe review: 4Square

Fringe review: 4Square

By Wendy Carson

In “4Square,” by AV Productions of Ohio, which played at Musicians Union Hall, we have four short stories of Karma and it’s repercussions on one’s life.

First, there is a mother and son reminiscing about the highlights of their past while he dreads the inevitability that is next chapter of his life.

The second, and shortest piece, has a woman facing fears of her future while internally being reassured that everything will work out for the best.

The third story surrounds a trio of girlfriends. One is very recently divorced and miserable, the second is happily married but feels she is in a rut and the third is wild, free and living life to the fullest. We find out that their lives are even more intertwined than they initially seemed and their friendship may not survive this.

The final story, and weakest one presented, involves two bored office workers trying to liven up their life in any way that they can think of.

I will say that when watching this show, the stories felt week and humdrum. However, when reflecting back on it the next day, they were much more enjoyable. In fact, the more time that passes from your viewing, the more these stories resonate and entertain.

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