Fringe review: Growing Up All Over Myself

By John Lyle Belden

I encourage everyone to make a point of seeing comic Mat Alanso-Martin’s stand-up show, “Growing Up All Over Myself,” at ComedySportz, not only because he is good, but because his gently building and rolling style of humor works best with the energy of a big audience.

We didn’t have that big a crowd during the afternoon show I saw, but he made the best of it, extolling the virtues of being loose and comfy in your own skin and declaring that he is “pro-dildo” but doesn’t like vibrators – note the content gets into the range of mild “R” or TVMA.

The creator of past Fringe show “Trailer Park American” has some great observations about growing older and other aspects of life, so gather some friends and see for yourself.

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