Fringe review: Up Yours

By Wendy Carson

In “Up Yours, Indianapolis,” by The Fleece Academy at the Marrott Center, Muppet-style puppetry and improv comedy are blended together in an uneven mix.

The group’s members are all talented puppeteers, and the various interactions with the crowd before the show were entertaining. However, their long-form improv skills are not as well-honed.

Various parts of the show were downright hilarious, but overall it felt a bit weak. I think if they had just presented us with crowd interaction and a few skits, it would have been a more enjoyable show. Also, the sound quality of the space made it difficult for the back portion of the audience to hear much of the performance.

While I was disappointed in this show, I do feel that with a bit more polish this could be one of the hits of a future Fringe festival.

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