Fringe review: Whisper in My Good Ear

By Wendy Carson

“Whisper in My Good Ear,” by Vintage Players at the IndyFringe Basile Theatre, is the story of two old men overwhelmed with the hardships of their lives. Charlie’s wife has been institutionalized for 34 years and shows no signs of improvement or even any recognition of who he is. Max has lived a lonely life in which he would call random phone numbers just to hear another person say, “Hello” to him.

Since their outlooks are so bleak, they have made a pact to meet in this park and end their lives together. We are therefore witnessing the final conversation of their bleak existence.

In the hands of these two brilliant actors, this drama is uplifted into a level of brilliance that supersedes the dour subject matter. Lawrence Ripp brings a tender, joviality to Charlie and his hopefulness even in the face of his slow loss of everything that he loves in his life. Patrick O’Brian’s introspective take on Max and the unadulterated loneliness of his life makes his character’s sorrow even more poignant.

Watching these two seasoned actors bring this story to life is a delight that should really not be missed.

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