Fringe review: Men’s Room

By Wendy Carson

“Men’s Room,” by Mayday Productions, playing at the IndyFringe Indy Eleven Theatre, is the story of one day at a local commercial jingle factory and the struggles to not only keep the firm afloat but also to succeed in fulfilling each character’s respective dream.

The cast is outstanding and will keep your rolling with the requisite “bathroom humor” you would expect in a show with this title. While you will plainly see the final punchline to the story coming a mile away, the actor’s embodiment of the various characters keeps you enthralled throughout.

This is a perfect accompaniment to some of the Fringe’s more surreal and dour offerings in order to balance strong drama with much-needed laughter. One note though: This show has been playing to packed houses, so you should purchase your tickets in advance to make sure you get in.

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