Our Fringe Schedule

Last night’s preview round-up of IndyFringe shows was bittersweet as there are only so many time slots in the opening weekend for us to go and see the shows (our press passes only work through Sunday), will be missing out on so many amazing offerings that we both really wanted to see.

Here’s the list of shows we plan to review:
6:00PM: Auditioning for Swan Lake… (John); Not My Baby! (Wendy)
7:30PM: My Sister Diane: A Story of Hope, Humor and Hospice (J.); Mr. Boniface, the Wise (W.)
9:00PM: Home Grown Original (J.); Tipped & Tipsy (W.)
6:00PM: Mom? A Comedy of Mourners (J.); Bromance (W.)
7:30PM: VELOUR (J.); Orange is the New Black Keys (W.)
9:00PM: Ca-ching (J.); Men’s Room (W.)
10:30PM The Yellow Wallpaper (J.); 4.48 Psychosis (W.)
1:30PM: Growing Up All Over Myself (J.); The Invisible Man (W.)
3:00PM: Cocooned in Kazan (J.); My Wildlife – Owl By Myself (W.)
4:30PM: The Secret Book of Jesus (J.); A Little Business at the Big Top (W.)
6:00PM: Interrupting the Sermon (J.); Ulysses Grant: a Fluxkit Opera (W.)
7:30PM: Shakespeare’s Ear (J.); Top Shelf … Our Last American Tour Again (W.)
9:00PM: Holy Ficus (J.); Working Titles (W.)
10:30PM: I’m Not Gay (J.); Ghost Story (W.)
1:30PM: Whisper into My Good Ear (J.); The Shout (W.)
3:00PM: Camp Summer Camp (J.); Up Yours, Indianapolis (W.)
4:30PM: Who Run The World: A Madwomen’s Cabaret (J.); Drosselmeyer’s Magical Bedtime Story (W.)
6:00PM: Acting My Age (J.); ODDyssey (W.)
7:30PM: SARGE (J.); Not So Secret Origin of Captain Ambivilant (W.)
9:00PM: Kill the Column (J.); The Eulogy (W.)

Also, some of our friends are comping us into their shows, which will help increase our total, but we’re still going to miss out some we really wish we could see. The following we will see thanks to performer comps:
6:00PM: Hell’s Fourth Ring (The Mall Musical)
7:30PM: Laughing Sober
9:00PM: The Best of Indy Magic Monthly
6:00PM: (Open)
7:30PM: Dancing in the Mist
9:00PM: (Open)
6:00PM: (Open)
7:30PM: Jason Adams is a God Damn Mind Reader
9:00PM: (Open)
6:00PM: Breakneck Hamlet
7:30PM: (Open)
9:00PM: (Open)

So, that’s our schedule. There will likely be a few revisions due to sell-outs and other unforeseen issues but this is it for now.

To performers, if you do not see your show listed, we would be more than willing to see it and post a review. You just need to put us on your comp list. We not only love seeing the shows, but more so helping promote the performers.

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