Games: Promises to keep

By John Lyle Belden

It’s the day after GenCon. I’m sitting in my living room surrounded by about 25 new games. We only paid for a few of them, and a couple at wholesale or discount. At least two of these are ones you literally cannot buy yet – they will launch or Kickstart in month or two.

Such is the life of a game reviewer.

Yes, Wendy and I will keep up the theatre side of things, too. Next week is IndyFringe and we plan on going all-out on that. Maybe finally get the podcast online? We’ll definitely shoot some short videos, at least.

But some nice folks with shoestring budgets trusted us with their playthings. So we will play. Watch in the coming weeks between now and Christmas for our impressions of these new diversions. We did some demos at the convention, and this batch looks like a lot of fun. And if you see us around town, we might ask you to play, too.

And to game companies checking out this site, wondering, “Are John and Wendy legit?” Yes, we are. I’m not writing for a paper serving a few thousand souls any more (well, occasionally), but I’ve got a forum here with unlimited viewer potential, where I don’t have an editor limiting me to a small space on a weekly A&E page. So, especially when you see your product here, help spread the word. We’ll keep playing.

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